Fail in starting process

I was working on my Jetson nano and suddenly
it shutdown. I turned on again and during the starting process the nano turned off again. I tried to turned on several times but it didn’t work. The problem persists.

Someone have any idea what could be happen

Hi omar17k,

What power supply are you using?
Are you use power jack (J25) or Micor-USB (J28) ?

[J28] Micro-USB 2.0 connector; can be used in either of two ways:
• If J48 pins are not connected, you can power the developer kit from a 5V⎓2A Micro-USB power supply.
• If J48 pins are connected, operates in Device Mode

I’m using a AC/DC adapter input 127v 0.5A 60hz, output 12.5v 2000mA.

I’m learning with a jetbot so when I was working the batteries were without charging, so I connected to the electrical connector, after few minutes occurred the thing that I described.

The rated input voltage of nano is 5V, why do you use 12.5V? Please try a 5V supply which has at least 2A output capability.

I used it I assemble all the components of the jetbot

I connected on then right plug.

Thank you I’ll try to connect it with a USB cable and check what happened