Jetson Nano Dev Kit B01 doesn't boot when powering from the DC jack

I’m having a bad time with my Jetson Nano Dev Kit. :(
It does work fine when 'm powering it from the USB port.
However, if I try to power it from the DC jack, it doesn’t boot up.

I did set the J48 jumper, my power source is quite reliable (it’s a huge one from my lab configured to supply 5V up to 5Amp). I’ve double checked the polarity and the voltage at the connector. There are no jumpers on the “Automation Header”. So the “Auto On” is enabled.

When I turn the power source ON it’s display tells me that the board is draining around 25 milliamps at most. The 5V pins from the GPIO has just 2.7V (at the voltmeter). And, of course… it doesn’t boot.

Please… any ideas!?

hello sbenigno,

please refer to Jetson Nano Developer Kit User Guide,
it’s J48 to select the power sources for the developer kit. you should include the jumper to make the developer kit powered via J25 power jack.
and, please try using the port, J50 to short pin-7, and pin-8 to reset the board to see if anything helps.

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The Reset on the Automaton Header J50 does help. Thank you
@JerryChang! That idea kinda guided me to find the problem, and to reach the final solution.

So, I want to share an extra point and the final solution:

It looks like there is a small lag introduced by those configurable bench power sources (mine was a Hikari 3205). Because of that, at the very start, the power mux doesn’t accept it as a good one.

The definitive solution was to use a brand new power source fixed on 5V and 5Amp. So even without the reset, now it’s working like a charm. :D

I hope this case can help someone else!

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