Jetson Nano B01 Dev Kit Power Issue

Hi, We are using Jetson Nano Dev Kit(B01 module).
And we found that some Jetson Nano Dev Kit intermittently not power on.
We are supplying 5V power via J41 40 pin header.

When we supply the power, jetson nano does not power on. Green power LED on carrier board does not turn on. However, if we supply power again it turns on.

Is there any reason for this unstable Jetson Nano power behavior?
Thank you.

Does it always happen on specific boards? All boards are same version? Does it happen with DC Jack supply too?

Did you measure the real voltage level on board to check if it is 5V in real? Is the supply/ground loop path too long?

Hi, Thank you for quick reply.

  1. No. We purchased more than 100 ea unit, and it happened randomly.
  2. Yes, same version. B01.
  3. No. Only 5V supply via 40pin hearder
  4. We will check again 5V is real, but we used 5A regulator.
  5. We applied DC power about 8 inch cable. Is that too long?

And, is there any cases about power issue like this, failure of turned on?

Per your feedback, it looks more like a random issue of test method, which means it might be caused by loose connection of supply to pin. Please try other shorter cable and tighter connector.