[SOLVED] Can't power Nano from barrel jack

Hi !

I’m trying to fit my Nano into a Geekworm case, and when I connected up the power and reset wires nothing happened …

I have a tip-positive 5V 4A power supply, that checks out with a meter, and I’ve jumpered J48 (disable USB power) and also the Auto-on (pins 7/8 on the button header).

In case it was a faulty switch I disconnected the board from the case switches, and just jumpered the On pins (1/2 on the button header) … still nothing.

Have I missed a step somewhere ? Do I need to somehow enable this in software or something ?

The board still boots up as normal if I remove the jumpers and use the USB port for power.

Thanks for any help,


I successfully run the Nano with a Geekworm metal case. For installation i followed this video:

when it comes to jumper settings and cabling i paused the video a double/triple checked every step…

What happens of you just jumper J48 and NONE of the button header pins? It should turn on as soon as you plug in the power jack.

Thanks both,

It turned out to be a faulty Nano, I returned it to the supplier who sent a working replacement by return.

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