Jetson Nano wont bootup

I have set my jetson yesterday by booting it up via MicroUSB, today I’v tried to boot it up with DC cable and now its showing green LED light but no signal from the HDMI or DP port, I have tried to re-flash the SD card and still no respons, what could be the problem.
(I’v shorted the J48 to use the DC cable).

Thank you.

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Please try to get a x86 ubuntu 18.04 host and flash your jetson with sdkmanager. Flashing sdcard may not fix your issue.

i’ll try, but i cant even see the NVIDIA logo start up…

That didn’t conflict with what I asked you to try.

Flashing the board does not depend the previous state of the board.

Flashing the board helped… thank you

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