Jetson nano 4gb (4.5.1) stuck on boot witth Nvidia Logo


i followed this method Foolproof guide to move from microSD to USB SSD? - #6 by dirk.lueth

and i also followed this Boot From USB ! - Jetson Nano - YouTube for second time

when i finish editing the /boot/extlinux/extlinux.conf

  1. rebooted with MicroSD inserted and USB SSD connected
  2. shutdown Jetson Nano
  3. removed MicroSD and with USB SSD connected

when i turn on now, its stuck at nvidia logo?

out of curiosity i unplug power cable and plug it again, i see following below message but successful enters into ubuntu

this process repeats, stuck in nvidia logo, when i shutdown and turn on and have to unplug and plug it to see this message and enter ubuntu

can someone tell me whats going on?

Meanwhile, if i leave the mircoSD connected to jetson, i face no such problem like boot stuck with NVidia logo. Jetson prints same above messages but still boots straight into ubuntu. and i can check computer memory is from SSD.

  1. If you want to boot from ssd, my suggestion is you can follow the official document.

We don’t guarantee the method shared by each user.

  1. You can share the uart log. So that others can tell what is going on. Current information provides little info. Stuck in NV log just represents the boot process passes cboot but not sure where it gets stuck.