Stuck on nvidia logo after boot jetson nano

After uninstalling nvidia drivers from the jetson nano, I am now unable to access it, connect to the internet or even boot it normally. It is stuck at the nvidia logo ! Before I was accessing it using visual studio (connect to host, open ssh), but now it doesn’t work (obviously because there are no drivers)!
Any ideas or solutions (hard reset, recovery mode…)??

Is this an SD card model of Nano dev kit? If so, then you can probably create a new SD card from the same release as the old one (for example, create it with the same software release you used to create the original). You could in fact use a new SD card so that you can copy over content from the original if you have something you want to save.

I am curious though, why uninstall NVIDIA drivers? Were you looking to accomplish something?

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I don’t know exactly what you mean with SD card model of Nano dev kit, but it is a JN30D dev kit (basically an nvidia jetson nano card).
I wanted to install cuda and use it but the installation keeped on failing, and also when I try to update packages it shows some errors that I don’t remember.
I looked up solutions and someone suggested uninstalling the drivers then reinstalling all the shebang over again. I uninstalled them but then the card stopped receiving wifi connection and it was the end ! I now have no access to the OS on the card. One solution I have in my head is to Force Recovery or Hard Reset, but that I don’t know which pins to short out !

  1. NVIDIA provided the Jetson Nano “module”. And some vendors will use it on their own carrier board. These two will form up and make a kit to use. Your JN30D is one of the kind.

  2. We have 2 kinds of module provided. One has sdcard slot on it. The other kind has internal emmc. The sdcard module can use the sdcard image to boot. But the emmc module has to gets flashed by the BSP from another x86 host.

  3. The moderators here can only solve the problem on NV devkit. If your board is not NV devkit, then you need to contact the board vendor for help.

Let me tell it in more clear way. Your board is not NV devkit, so please check with the vendor first. For example, I don’t know where your recovery pin located on that JN30D either.

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To expand on what @WayneWWW said: Often pins of the Jetson module can be set up for different function, e.g., maybe it is easier to route a wire on a circuit board to a certain pin. To that extent, the setup for this is in the device tree. Only the manufacturer of the carrier board knows how they provided electrical layout. So much of what you find documented for an NVIDIA dev kit is correct, but files will differ for a JN30D (even if the module is the same, the carrier board will likely differ). The instructions and software downloads provided by that manufacturer will more or less be a polished edit of the software you’d get from NVIDIA. Use their software and instructions since the carrier board differs.

When I speak of an SD card model I mean a module which has the SD card directly on it, and not as part of the carrier board. This is how NVIDIA dev kits arrive. With third party carrier boards they quite often have an eMMC module (an upgrade), and any SD card slot is on the carrier board, and not on the module itself. Look very closely at where the SD card is soldered.

You can easily flash with the NVIDIA software, but it’ll result in things like part of the hardware not being recognized (it’s looking for it at the wrong address since the device tree is wrong). It isn’t the NVIDIA software, nor any hardware, which fails in that case. It just doesn’t work to use the wrong firmware (and device tree is a form of firmware). The JN30D has instructions and downloads (the board support package) which would greatly simplify your life.

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I will then need to contact the vendor and figure this problem out !
Thanks for the replies.

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