Jetson Nano Question

I’m trying the system which watched a power supply using jetson NANO and T-200 UPS.
When a power supply detected OFF;
Jetson Nano shutdown (command: I let you do it sudo -S shutdown -h now).
In a certain timing, jetson Nano does not start(Boot*1) when I try to develope by such a use.
*1:Power On →Display to NVIDIA logo →Display to login

Even a logo screen of NVIDIA which cannot boot the OS as a phenomenon, and is displayed in power supply On is not displayed.
It has been confirmed that it is fed the board side as for power supply 5V.

・Is it a hard (the Soc side) problem of jetson nano?
・Is it a soft (shutdown) problem in power supply OFF?
・Is there not a person knowing a restoration method?

Please use below method and share the log when you fail to boot.

thank you reply
I try to get log for your advice.