Jetson TX2 Module Install

I bought a Jetson TX2 module(not the developer kit). I am trying to run it on the Jetson TX2 development board. I do not see an HDMI signal going to the screen. It seems like there is no OS installed on the Jetson TX2 module. How do I set up the Jetson TX2 module using the developer board?

Separately purchased modules come without any o/s installed. You’ll want to use JetPack3.3 to flash the Jetson. See this (you will probably have to go there, log in, and then click on the link again):

FYI, JetPack is a front end to the flash tool which runs on an Ubuntu desktop PC. If you use command line and skip JetPack, then any Linux host PC will work. Don’t use a VM, they don’t work. JetPack is the preferred method since it can also install extra packages. If not, then you’d use the driver package plus sample rootfs.

That is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks for all your help @linuxdev!