Install OS in NVIDIA Jetson TX2 Module


I have recently got NVIDIA Jetson TX1 and TX2 Modules (not Dev Kit). How should I install OS in the modules?

I connected the TX1 module with a J100 carrier board (Auvidea), but when plugged HDMI display shows no connection. Does it mean that the module do not come pre-installed with an OS and I have install a new one?

Any help would be highly appreciated. Thank you so much!


If you look through the forum you may find that some specific carrier boards have issues with hdmi or usb driver, unless specific patches from the manufacturer of the boards applied.
I think you may need to use and apply something of . Though I haven’t worked with auvidea hardware.
In my opinion you may need to flash OS from Host PC Jetpack to Jetson applying a patch from auvidea.

Added note: When purchasing just a module I believe it is correct that no operating system is installed and flash is required (even on a dev kit I always suggest flashing to a recent version anyway). The trick is as @Andrey1984 says…it has to be software from Auvidea (they have their own modifications of the L4T adjusted for their carrier boards).

For your reference:

Thanks a lot @linuxdev and @Andrey1984!!