Jetson Tx1 and Auvidea J100 carrier board. Cant power up without Hdmi

Hi all,

I have Auvidea J100 carrier board with Jetson Tx1 module with latest Jetpack.
Jetson Tx1 module starts if hdmi monitor connected. Only 220v supply monitor.
If no hdmi monitor or hdmi monitor with batteries then module doesn’t start.
12v volts always present. Power_btn pin works, i can on/off led on carrier board.
Also if i plugin hdmi monitor and then plugout, module starts.

Can anyone explain me, it is a carrier problem or tx1 software problem?
I have tried two tx1 modules and result is same.

Best regards, Viktor.

It sounds like the module may actually be starting, but with video configuration failing…quite different than the module not starting at all.

One thing to check is the TX1 can be pinged both with and without the monitor. I don’t know if the Auvidea has serial console or not (I’ve never seen one), but this would usually be the definitive way to know what is going on.

Using a custom carrier board requires a custom board support package (BSP). If you flashed with the standard JetPack and not with software designed for the Auvidea, then this will cause failure (it won’t harm the board, but it also won’t work right). You’d need to get the BSP from Auvidea.

Thank you. Will ask Auvidea about bsp.

Also i think it is what i need:

Did you ever solve this?

Yes. Need to flash Auvidea bsp.