Jetson TX2 with Auvidea J100 problem


I recently flashed my TX2 with Jetpack 3.2.1 and the firmware from the one from date May 2018, for Jetson Tx2 only (following the instructions that are in a document inside the firmware files). I flashed it using the Dev-kit. When I boot up using the Dev-kit, everything seems fine, but when I unplug it and then try to use the Auvidea J100 carrier board to power it up and connect it to an HDMI monitor, most of the times, the Monitor just displays a “No signal” message, and some of the times, I can see that it is trying to boot-up, it shows some Ubuntu boot up messages, but then nothing at all. Am I missing something in the process or did I messed up at some point? What is preventing the correct operation of the Jetson?

Thank you in advance.

The Jetson has to be flashed for one carrier or the other…it can’t be operated across carrier boards without the correct device tree (you can flash it for anything from the dev kit, that isn’t a problem…the content of the flash is what matters). If it operates correctly on the dev board, then I’d say the Auvidea changes to device tree never made it in.