Products on power can't be work by using TX1 module

All the heroes, help, I used TX1 module to do a design, but the current board can not normally add power, do not know what reasons, please master the guidance, specific as follows:
1, module VDD_IN input OK, 19V, no problem.
2, the VIN_PWR_BAD_L signal is also normal, 4.75V;
3, press the power on KEY, CARRIER_PWR_ON signal has been unable to effectively output high, through the oscilloscope measurement, the instantaneous output of a less than a 1V wave peak, and then drop down, leading to the board follow-up of the electricity can not be opened normally;
4, without CARRIER_PWR_ON, the power of the board can be directly forced and the power on the board can be normally output, but after pressing the switch, the TX1 module can not start normally.

Same questions as your topic: ?

Can this module boot up with carrier board of dev kit? Did you check the strapping pin settings as said in OEM DG?

The problem has been solved. It’s the connector assembly and welding problem. Thank you.