TX1 does not boot on my carrier board

I had some trouble getting the power up completed, this turned out to be an error in the JetsonTX1_OEM_Product_DesignGuide_20170912.pdf

The guide says:

CARRIER_PWR_ON - External 10kΩ pull-up to 3.3V

Doing this will cause that line to never reach logical 1 because the pull up is a pull down until this signal has become 1.

After removing this resistor I have power, I have verified that RESET_OUT# is going high 60ms after 1.8V is stable.

I have also verified that the signal from my terminal on the debug-uart (UART0_RXD) G12 actually comes through.

I have verified that UART0_TXD (H12) and UART0_RTS (G11) stay low during the whole power on sequence, so the strapping should be ok.

Plugging a PC into the micro-USB connector enumerates the TX1, so some code is actually running inside the module.

I don’t see any action from the TX1 module on the UART0_TXD (H12)

What am I missing here.

Hi stenbk6zb,

‘CARRIER_PWR_ON - External 10kΩ pull-up to 3.3V’ is an error in checklist which should be deleted, thanks.

Regarding your description, the power on sequence is same as guide, right? Did you check other strapping pins status as listed in chapter 11.6 ?


Power on sequence is the same as guide, except that I use Charger_present instead of Power Button.

I kept the power chain so it powers up in the same sequence: 5V, 3.3V, 1.8V

1.8V PowerGood is the RESET_OUT# signal. Comes up 60ms after 1.8V is stable.

I have not used any of the TX1 strapping pins except the UART0_TXD (H12) and UART0_RTS (G11) and they are connected to the same IC as on the dev board, in the same way.

I think one important detail is that the micro-USB connection will enumerate and report descriptors, proving that a reasonable amount of SW is actually running.

The TX1 is fresh out of the package, bought in bulk. Does it need flashing before it will talk on the UART0?

New TX1 modules need to be flashed through the micro USB before you can see UART0.

Thanks, this was the last missing piece of this puzzle.

Substituting a TX1 from a dev kit booted fine with output on UART0.

Update: The OEM DG has that statement in the “Jetson TX1 Signal Terminations (Present on the module – shown for reference only)” section. It is not saying this should be added to the Carrier Board. The next section which is for the Carrier Board terminations does not have any terminations listed for this signal.