TX1 does not power up

The first day I received the TX1, I succeeded to install JetPack 3.0 and saw several samples running on the board.
But now the board does not power up and no LED is on.

As far as I know, after connecting the power adapter, I need to press the power button to boot up.
This time when I just plugged the power adapter the two LEDs (PWR and SOC) turned on without pressing the power button.
But nothing was shown in the display for about more than 1 minute. So I removed and reconnected the adapter.
And after that, the board seems completely dead.

How can I handle this situation?

Did you check the voltage level of VDD_IN when plug in the adapter? If some components short to ground, the VDD_IN will be driven to low and system won’t power up.

Also you can check other signals that are related to power up sequence, as Figure 4 of OEM DG showing.

Hi. I just downloaded the JetsonTX1_OEM_Product_DesignGuide.pdf. But I’m not a hardware engineer, so not familiar with this kind of document.
Could you let me know the exact points of the board that I should ckeck the voltage level?

There is schematic of carrier board in download center too, you can check it and find the related components, then you can find them on board with their names.

I checked the “Jetson_TX1_TX2_Developer_Kit_Carrier_Board_Specification_v20170307.pdf”.
Figure 17 shows VDD_MOD (VDD_IN) is connected to an FET via an inductor from the DC Jack side.
And “P2597_B04_Concept_schematics.pdf” page 27 shows that the FET is part Q30 (MDV3604URH).
The voltage level of Q30 pin 5 (19V_INPUT) and pin 3 (VDD_19V_IN) are measured as 19V, which seems correct level.
Am I doing right? Is this what you mean? What can I do now?

One more thing, figure 1 of the carrier board specification shows CR5 (VDD_IN LED), but there’s no such part in the board.
There seems some mismatch between document and the board.

That means 19V input is normal. CR5 is added only on B04 version board, your board might be B02.

Since the 19V is normal, you need to check the signals of power sequence related (Figure 4 of OEM DG).

  1. Check if VIN_PWR_BAD# will rise up when plug in 19V power
  2. Check if POWER_BTN# is high before press it.
  3. Verify that CARRIER_PWR_ON goes to HIGH when power is turned on.

When plug in 19V power, VIN_PWR_BAD_L (Q31’s pin3) does NOT rise up to high!
And I’m not sure where the POWER_BTN# is exactly, the voltage of any pin of power button is not high.

OK, seems some components on net VIN_PWR_BAD broken. Please check D31, the ESD of VIN_PWR_BAD, you can find it on page 27 of schematic, to check what will happen if remove D31.

We had three sets of TX1 system (TX1 + carrier board) running well.
We ordered and received TX1 modules this week. But the new TX1 does not work at all.
We had serial port connected to monitor the boot message. But there is no response at all.
I compared the two TX1 modules, the earlier one is 180-82180-DAAAF-A01; the latter one is 180-82180-DAAF-A04.
So what’s the difference between them to cause the new one to stop working?
Have you tested each module before shipping out?
Please help.

Hi yf, which one has no response?

Do you mean tegra boot up normally but no HDMI-OUT? If yes, could you paste the dmesg?

We had TX1 developer kit (Tx1 module (pcb:180-82180-DAAAF-A01) + carrier board) which are running well.

We bought another 5 pcs of Jetson TX1 module (pcb: 180-82180-DAAF-A04) last week.
Plugged each of the newly got TX1 module onto the carrier board. No response, no power up. None of them working.

What’s wrong with the newly got TX1 module?
Any idea?

Do you have serial console available? Was this also no response? How old is the carrier board, and does the working carrier/module show the “power available” red LED near the corner of the TX1 module? FYI, TX1 serial console is described here:

We have serial console to monitor. No response at all.
We got TX1 developer kit around Dev/Nov 2016.
The power led (green) looks okay on carrier board because the power led can be on/off by pressing the power button.

The point is we can change/compare the TX1 modules (comparing the one got on Dec 2016 and the one got on July 2017).

If you have no output on serial console with an otherwise known working carrier board I’d say RMA (though it might be nice to check with at least one more carrier board if it is available). RMA info is at the top of this:

EDIT: One more thought…are you using the supplied power adapter? Some adapters (even batteries) may need a large capacitor right where power enters…if needed and not present, then the unit will fail to boot even though hardware and software are good.

The adapter is from the TX1 developer kit box.
Tested on all three carrier boards, the new TX1 modules (got on July 2017) are not working at all.
The old modules (got on Dec/Nov 2016) are working fine.
We will RMA.

Hi yf, can you confirm the modules are in recovery mode or not (by checking the USB devices)? If they are in recovery mode which means they are not flashed, there will be no serial console output.

Hi yf,

If modules in recovery mode, please follow below link to flash JetPack: