TX1 cannot start

Hi All,

My Jetson TX1 cannot get started. When I connected the power adapter and push the power button, the power LED lighted for half second and turned off. I tried to push the REC button, the SOC LED and POWER LED flashed and all off then. Could anyone tell me what happen to my board and if there is anyway to fix it? Thanks!


What board are you using and in combination with what power supply?

I’ve had a similar issue on the dev board where it would only light on for a sec, or not at all when using either battery power or a bench power supply. Presumably due to some protection circuitry on the board. The solution was to use the proper power adaptor. When using the bench power supply I had to tap the power button quite a few times before it would start up and this was with just the slightest amount of noise on the line.

Thanks for your reply, however I am using the official power adapter on the TX1 dev kit. It’s strange and nothing seems wrong, just not working…

This sounds like a fault in either the carrier board or the module (I’ve not heard of power supply issues during recovery mode…the LEDs should go on and stay on…had this been only during normal start-up for normal boot I would have more suspicion of the power supply needing a large capacitor). I’d just start RMA. The procedure is near the top of this URL:

Hi Yecheng, please refer to this topic for more info: [url]https://devtalk.nvidia.com/default/topic/1000444/tx1-does-not-power-up/[/url]
If still can not work, you can start RMA.