Jetsun TX1 RED light on power up (FAN never starts up)

I received my TX1 board this week.When I power on the board there seems to be a RED led light which comes up on the board
which I have not seen in any of the install instructions are videos.I have uploaded the video of the link.
I have not yet flashed the board with latest Jetpack version
Please let me know if there is any defect with the board itself.
The heat sink fan never starts up.


Accessing the video requires signing in, so it isn’t available. You can attach files to your existing post…hover the mouse over the quote mark in the upper right and a few icons appear. The paper clip icon allows you to attach a file to the existing message. There are limitations on file type allowed (not sure what they are), so you might end up having to just show a jpg of the one light.

In the meantime, there are two LEDs which should light up. They are right next to the power button on the carrier board (I think one is indication of power for the carrier, the other is likely an indicator of power to the module itself). Ethernet of course has its own lights, but other lights on the carrier board are probably an error.

I see your other post. Answering here. Those LEDs indicate a failure. There may be steps to try and figure out why, but ultimately I think you’ll end up doing RMA. Look for RMA near the top of this URL:

We tried another VGA to HDMI converter.The problem lies in the board,and not the converter or monitor.
RED lights LEDS (One is “CVM Powered”! and other one is “PCIE/SATA Powered up”)are glowing as vivekrbs mentioned.
Nothing shows up on the screen and neither does the fan start.
What might be the problem here?

Download Jetson TX1 Developer Kit Carrier Board Specification:

Try HDMI TV, borrow from someone…
Don’t see you using either SATA port or M2 port. M2 port does have lights per board spec.

Call support?
RMA per linuxdev?

Thanks for the reply.
I had a online chat with the support.They say for sure that no VGA to HDMI are going to work because,they are not supported.They say use pure HDMI monitor/TV.Going to do that.Will post the results.

Thanks every one.
It did work when I used a complete HDMI TV.