New out-of-the-box TX1 does not boot

I connect power and CR5 lights red
I click the power button and CR6 lights red, CR1 and CR2 light green

Noting else happens (no fan, no video, no other lights or changes

I suspect the board is bad

Please comment

No fan is normal, it just “blips” for a fraction of a second at power on. There isn’t enough heat generated under idle conditions that the fan is needed.

Lights are normal as described.

I would bet the board is good, and video isn’t configuring. Do you have a router? Can you watch for DHCP requests as the Jetson boots? If so, then you can ping this, or log in via ssh (user/pass of “ubuntu”/“ubuntu” for example).

Serial console is the best way to see these things, but unless you have a cable you will need ssh. Serial console is described here:

Also, are all cables to video purely HDMI? Are there any adapters in there?