Cant not turn on jetson tx1

I have a nvidia jetson tx1 for 3 month ago. But up to now, i unbox it. After i connect jetson tx1 to adapter, i press power button, but nothing happened. I tried to press and hold recovery force button, while depressing the recovery force button, press and release the reset button, wait 2s and release the recovery force button, but it is also not working. Do I wrong or jetson tx1 have problem?

The TX1 fan does not normally run because it does not normally generate enough heat to worry about. The power light next to the power button should show as on.

Recovery mode will make the Jetson visible to the host over the micro-B USB cable via this command:

lsusb -d 0955:7721

…if you have micro-USB connected to host and host says anything with this command, then the Jetson is operating correctly in recovery mode.

It is not unusual that video mode setting will make a monitor not appear to work (but it really works, just not in the mode the monitor works with).

Serial console is the most reliable way to see what is going on when you have no other output. See:

My power light is still off. I ask myseft, it is not enough power to turn on because i didn’t use it as soon as buying it (3,4 month).

There is no battery to worry about. If power light is not on, and if you can verify the power adapter works, you may need to RMA. In that case the RMA instructions are near the top of this:

That’s sad. Thank for your advice.