Problems faced while booting NVIDIA JETSON TX1

I have bought an Nvidia Jetson TX1 development board for educational purposes. I downloaded the latest Jetpack version on an UBUNTU based laptop. All the required files were completely downloaded and some of them were installed. The post installation files are yet to be installed.

For the same purpose, I connected the Jetson TX1 board to a monitor (I used a completely fine working monitor.). I connected a wireless mouse to the board using its dongle. I then connected the board to the monitor using a VGA to HDMI converter and a VGA cable.

After switching on the power supply, the LEDs started glowing (Red power ON LED near the heat sink, Red LED adjacent to PCIe connecter bus, Turn ON button LED, Force recovery button LED). However, even after pressing the power button on the board it showed nothing on the monitor. Also, the fan did not switch on after pressing the power button.

Having thought that the problem was in the VGA cable and the VGA to HDMI converter, I changed both of them. But that changed nothing. The monitor still showed no signal.

Thus, my question to you here is what should I do so that the monitor connected to the Jetson TX1 displays properly.

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VGA is not supported. The issue is that any of the newer interfaces (e.g., HDMI, DVI, or DisplayPort) have an extra wire which allows the monitor to be queried for its abilities. Using any kind of VGA literally cuts that wire. No automatic configuration is possible.

For VGA to work you’d have to custom configure video, or else get lucky that default mode works on that VGA monitor. Long ago you’d have a driver disk with your monitor (probably a separate disk for Windows, Mac, or Linux), or you’d select from a database of known monitors…the EDID wire for query removed that requirement and allowed the monitor to just tell the video card about that information.

I have the same LEDs glowing near the heat sink but I actually can see the board boot in the monitor.I have not yet proceeded to flash the board.I am wondering what the RED power on LED is since none of the documentation or the install videos have it.
Also I have not seen the fan switch on till now.
Waiting for a response to this thread

I see your other post. Answered there:

I had the same experience here. I did find a straight HDMI monitor and the board did then boot up right away. Interesting enough, if I left it connected to a HDMI->DVI monitor, it eventually booted up and displayed correctly - but only after a few hours!

Also - are the RED LEDs that are showing (CR5/CR6) normal operation here? One is power (CR5) which I think is normal, and the other (CR6) is PCIe/SATA 12v. Both are on with my board revision (P2597). This is normal right?

Yes, CR6 on indicates 12V power supply to PCIe is normal.