How to Flash / Get started with Jetson TX2

I got several questions concerning the flashing and the getting started with the jetson tx2:

When i start/boot the jetson tx2 it shows a console prompt and not a desktop version of ubuntu as shown in several unboxing videos like JetPack 3.0 - NVIDIA Jetson TX2 - YouTube .

How do i install the GUI from this point on?

Is this done/included automatically if i flash the newest version of jetpack on the jetson?

I downloaded JetPack3.1 and installed on my host laptop running withb ubuntu 16.04. I finished the installation on the host. Now it asks me about the “Network Layout” of the Jetson Tx2:
Is it possible to have the host connected to the internet via wifi and the jetson connected to the host via ethernet? If yes is this plug and play or do i have to config/install something on the jetson or the host to be able to “root” the internet through the host to the jetson via dhcp?

Thank you very much in advance

It should be running the GUI by default, but it may have faced a video mode mismatch.
You can try to unplug the HDMI cable for a few seconds and replug (HDMI is hotplug), or try booting without HDMI and plug it only one minute after boot.

Be aware that a HDMI/VGA adapter would probably not work, as it needs an I2C channel for monitor to provide its EDID. You may try another cable and/or monitor (HDMI/DVI should be ok).

You can also login from console, and check the output of:

cat /sys/kernel/debug/tegradc.0/edid

You can check if the EDID is valid by copying the hex bytes output of this command and pasting here: