TX-2 Not Booting

I’ve connected the TX-2 development board as shown in the quick-start guide and it doesn’t boot. In the YouTube video, I noticed the fan runs for a second while it’s booting, and it doesn’t do that either.

The fan on mine barely blinks on before it shuts off. It only runs when it gets hot, and it takes a lot of work to heat it up.

It is common for video configuration to fail and have video failure mistaken for boot failure. You can watch your router and see if an IP address is issued; then ssh in as user nvidia (pass nvidia) or user ubuntu (pass ubuntu). You could also set up a serial console. Serial console on TX2 is the same as TX1 except you would ignore the CTS/RTS flow control and just use software (no) flow control. See:

Thanks! That worked, I was able to SSH in. Any idea what the deal with the video is? Should I just try a newer monitor or something?

There is some sort of bug in the chain of video driver setup where valid EDID data is not used. Regardless of why auto setup fails there is a fallback mode which is enabled when auto configuration fails…that mode should always be 640x480@60Hz, but the L4T driver is using a much higher resolution (I don’t know which) native to a modern wide-screen (e.g., supporting 1080p). Had the mode fallen back to 640x480@60Hz, which is standard, then almost every monitor out there would succeed and would simplify working on getting those other modes working.

Your video should work with the monitor you have…custom setup might get around this auto-config failure, but a monitor with native modern high-def settings could just work without effort…it also might not work. Odds are that it would work if it supports 1080p.

You might add packages “read-edid” and “edid-decode”, then see what is output from:

sudo get-edid | parse-edid
sudo get-edid | edid-decode

Also, post the contents of this so it can be verified what modes the current monitor supports:

sudo cat /sys/kernel/debug/tegradc.1/edid