Jetson Tx2 not detected by SDK manager


I am trying to install Jetpack on Jetson Tx2 using the SDK manager
My host machine is Ubuntu 16.04
However the SDK does not detect the Tx2

The command lsusb also yields no mention of Nvidia

I tried putting the board in recovery mode, but i can’t see any change in the board leds

Recovery mode implies the micro-USB port will be in device mode and that the Jetson will show up via lsusb on the host PC. Are you using the supplied micro-B USB cable with the micro-OTG port on the TX2? Other ports won’t work with this, and charger cables tend to not always work for data.

As far as recovery mode goes, this by itself does not change the Jetson, but the Jetson does become a “special device” over USB when in this mode. As long as you have the recovery button held during either power reset or power on, you can then let go of the recovery button and the Jetson should be in recovery mode. You won’t really see anything special on the LEDs (power on will be indicated, but this won’t be different than running normally).

Thanks linuxDev

Here’s an update:
I hadn’t entered recovery mode (Had not followed the right sequence of steps)
So now i get
Bus 001 Device 011: ID 0955:7c18 NVidia Corp.

Flashing starts but then i get an error.pertaining to qemu…
(Will continue that on another thread)

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