Is there any other way than micro usb port to Flash Jetson TX2 development kit?

Hello there,

I am having problem with my micro usb port. I can’t see it in usb devices when i do ‘lsusb’. When i check it with multimeter i voltage value on the port is zero. Is there another recovery port or another way to flash jetson? I would be very glad for any recommendation.

Thank you very much.

You’re trying to flash your Jetson from a Host Machine (separate machine), yes?

I’m assuming you’re doing the following command on your host machine:

$ lsusb

If so, have you put your Jetson into Force Recovery Mode? This is essential for flashing the Jetson.

Video on how to put Jetson into force recovery:

When in device mode (which is what recovery mode is) the port is not supposed to supply the +5V…in device mode it could be a consumer of +5V if not self-powered (but a Jetson is self-powered).

If you are sure you held down the recovery button while powering up or restarting power (the video does a nice job at showing this), then look for this having output on your host:

lsusb -d 0955:7c18

If you use a micro-A cable instead of a micro-B cable (an OTG port accepts either), then this will fail…micro-A is used when the Jetson is acting as a host, micro-B is used when acting as a device. Flash must be with micro-B. The cable supplied with the Jetson is a micro-B.

Is this information documented somewhere? After poring through the manual, I was unable to find it - but your post helped me resolve my problem (especially regarding the Micro-A (host) vs Micro-B (client) distinction). If not, I would recommend to the Admin to pass it along to be properly documented.

The procedure for flash contains the instructions, but not the theory. Part of the reason I am aware of this is that I have an interest in USB protocols and custom USB hardware, but most people would not have an interest in that.