Jetson TX1 availability

I got my TX1 kit last month when they were re-stocked. I ordered 2 more kits then found they are out of stock again. When TX1 kits will be available again?

If it will take too long, I may order Shield Android TVs (SATV) instead.

to give you an idea of possible wait times i ordered tx1 on 1/22 and it was backordered. it was shipped to me on 1/29. i got it a couple days ago and have not yet hooked it up.

I hope it’ll be the same for my orders. The first time when TX1s were out of stock, it took much longer to restock.

yahoo2016, have you received your board yet? I ordered mine on the 5th and it has yet to ship.

The next batch of supply is slated to arrive in the US warehouse in about 1 or 2 week. Hopefully will be off backorder soon.

Hi Dusty,

Is the european batch will be at the same time or other ?
The module has passed the european WiFi certification ?


The module has recently passed EU WiFi certification.
The factory is preparing the batch to Europe for early March.

Not yet.
The following Nvidia web store still shows “back order”,

Hi Dusty, any updates on dev kit availability for US orders? I know it’s not yet a full 2 weeks from your previous answer, but I was hoping perhaps there was more news / kits in stores. :)


Re-verified that the next batch of the supply is in transit and will arrive at the warehouse before the end of the week. Should be enough units to cover previously placed backorders.

Awesome, thanks for the update! We have a backorder for dev kits so we’ll look forward to seeing those. Are the modules themselves still slated to be available in Q1?

Hi Dusty,
We’ve placed our order on the 24.02.16, so far still looks like in backorder. Could you confirm that that supply would be able to cover that date of backorders?

Thank you

Many of the backorders will ship today (3/7). Notifications will be sent via e-mail. Any remaining backorders will be fulfilled in 1 week.

I believe that production-level TX1 modules will not ship in Q1. We will update with additional details.

Got this morning my notification of successful dispatch. Thanx a lot for smooth replies!

I got notification with tracking number for tomorrow delivery.

When will the Jetson TX1 module be available?
It was stated that the Jetson TX1 module production is scheduled on Q1 of 2016, priced at $299 in 1K quantities.
What is the price for lower quantities such as 20 and 100?

Due to ongoing production qualifications of the module, they will be available in Q2 through the distributors listed here: You can ask the distributor from your region for specific pricing.

All Jetson TX1 backorders from North America have shipped and the devkit is now off backorder and back in stock on webstore.

Hello Dusty,

Could you please verify your current stock status, if there would be a delay for a new orders.

Thank you