NVIDIA $199/€239 special — Jetson TX1 Developer Kit SE, now available in Europe!

Heading back to school or have a new AI project to get started on? We’re pleased to announce the Jetson TX1 Developer Kit SE, now available at the reduced price of $199 in the US and €239 in Europe. Registered developers are eligible for one unit at the reduced price, regardless of EDU affiliation.

The Jetson TX1 Devleoper Kit SE includes the same Jetson TX1 module with 1 TFLOPS performance, reference developer kit carrier board, and power supply, but without the USB cables and CSI camera module. Plug in a USB webcam and get started developing the latest embedded vision applications.

After applying to the program below, developers will instantly be able to check-out the Jetson TX1 Developer Kit SE from the NVIDIA webstore to place their order. Currently available in North America and Europe, with other regions coming soon. Available while supplies last, limit of 1 unit per person.

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I hope it’s ok to ask this question here. Who will be responsible for pricing and distribution in other regions?

Let me explain why I am asking: I work in research at a University from Australia. The distributor for Australia looks to be Xenon (http://www.xenon.com.au). I have emailed them a long time ago (when TK1 was announced) to ask about the TK1 availability&pricing, however I got no reply. I did not insist with further emails when I saw later on the prices they set for the Jetson boards. I have since then started using other products for my research. But now I hope again to be able to get a Jetson, and take advantage of this offer. I would have used the EDU discount, but if you check on their website (http://www.xenon.com.au/buy-now-nvidia-jetson-tx2-developer-kit/), currently the TX2 has a “promotion” and it costs <> 1,190$ / 950USD (regular price at the beginning of the year was higher). So even with a student discount, the price is prohibitive. So, do you think it would be possible in any way to get a TX1 either at the 200USD (this promotion) or 250USD (regular price + EDU discount) in Australia? Thanks.

Just quoting this because the spam filters broke the post.

I know we will be opening up the Jetson TX1 Developer Kit SE promotion to APAC region later next month (China & Japan), however Australia/New Zealand may come sometime later for the SE kit. Unfortunately the increased prices there are accounted from Australian govt. duties and taxes.

Right, following then the previous pricing of TK1, TX1 and TX2 by the distributor, I expect “sometime later” the price for the SE Kit to be the equivalent of ~400 USD. Just FYI, GST in Australia is 10%, not 100%. It’s a pity, really, since you can find TX1’s on ebay <> cheaper than that. I don’t think this is how things are supposed to work, and I think I am not the only one in AU/NZ who (again) will not take advantage of this offer because it’s a clear rip-off. I know from collaborators this is not the case in other APAC countries, and can’t stop wondering if someone cares enough to check sales figures in AU/NZ and ask the hard questions.

Oh, well…

Thanks in any case, @dusty_nv, for checking.

GST doesn’t include import duties, customs brokerage fees, and the additional layers of shipping and distribution required. In the future we’re investigating if we may be able to extend the NV.com webstore service to ANZ to reduce the overhead.

The Jetson TX1 Developer Kit SE is now available in Europe for €239 and £210 in the UK. See the updated post above to apply, limit 1 per developer.

@dusty_nv - Any reason why the discount page may not work from Canada? I keep getting:

Sorry, an unexpected error occurred. Please try again later.

Thanks a lot!

  • HZ

Hi HZ, I just tried from here and was able to submit, could you please try again? (perhaps in incognito mode, from a different browser, or after clearing cache) Thanks!

Hi Dusty, been getting discount setup error message after submitting the form. Not sure what’s the problem.

OK, thank you confirming you are having problems submitting too, we are currently looking into it.

Just to confirm, you are applying using your e-mail that you used to register with the NVIDIA Developer program, correct?

Yes that’s correct. Still getting the same error even after clearing cache and trying on another PC.

Hi CH17, the error has been fixed now and the form is working again, sorry for the trouble. Please let us know if you continue to experience issues.

Hi Dusty, thanks for your update. I just tried again however I am still getting the same error message on the discount set up. Any other way to check out the item without filling the form?

Dusty, same problem here (with an US address). Tried Firefox, Safari, and the Phone.

Sorry guys, it appears the form is down again, we are working to get it restored. Unfortunately it’s the only way to check out the TX1 SE kit.

Got it to work today! Thank you.

OK great, yes the form should be back up again, sorry about that, it was actually a different problem in the back-end this time. Hopefully that’s it!

Hey guys, what about other EU countries? I live in Romania.

Unfortunately sales of the Jetson TX1 SE devkit are only supported through the webforms of the countries provided.
Do you maybe know someone in one of the other countries that could forward the shipment to you?