NVIDIA $199/€239 special — Jetson TX1 Developer Kit SE, now available in Europe!

Heading back to school or have a new AI project to get started on? We’re pleased to announce the Jetson TX1 Developer Kit SE, now available at the reduced price of $199 in the US and €239 in Europe. Registered developers are eligible for one unit at the reduced price, regardless of EDU affiliation.

The Jetson TX1 Devleoper Kit SE includes the same Jetson TX1 module with 1 TFLOPS performance, reference developer kit carrier board, and power supply, but without the USB cables and CSI camera module. Plug in a USB webcam and get started developing the latest embedded vision applications.

After applying to the program below, developers will instantly be able to check-out the Jetson TX1 Developer Kit SE from the NVIDIA webstore to place their order. Currently available in North America and Europe, with other regions coming soon. Available while supplies last, limit of 1 unit per person.

Region Selector

The Jetson TX1 Developer Kit SE is now available in Europe for €239 and £210 in the UK. See the update post above to apply, limit 1 per developer.

Mate i need it shipped to Lithuania. 239 eur price good for me. Theres no online shops offering Jetson TX1 Developer Kit SE in Lithuania.

Is it so hard to sell me 1 tx1 from nvidia warehouse. I am unable to pay retailers 500 eur price.

Hi Ernest-EU, unfortunately the Jetson TX1 Developer Kit SE is unavailable for shipping to Lithuania.

Do you maybe know a colleague or friend in one of the EU countries listed above that could receive it and forward it to you?

Too bad but no. Well thats what biggest nv supporters get just because they born in wrong country :(

Sorry about that. Since the Jetson TX1 SE is a limited promotion, there isn’t a full distribution network built out for it.
If yourself or someone you know qualifies for the EDU discount, you could get TX2 at half price from distributor.

Given the poor Australian availability, is there a problem with me getting this drop shipped; I noticed dusty_nv you told someone in another post to get their friend to post it to them.

Hi cubble, it’s outside of NVIDIA’s discretion, however unofficially you should be OK having a friend forward it.

Thats not problem to be sent from United states to Europe ? Can nvidia send me direct from warehouse ? I pay all taxes too.

Hi Ernest-EU, we can only ship from warehouse to countries in the list above, sorry about that.

Can you find a freight forwarder in Europe or US who could relay it to you?

Hi. I would like to know what is the meaning of the phrase “The Developer kit SE don’t come with CSI camera module”. Deos this mean that there’s no support for connecting a CSI camera to the board? Is this mean that there’s no CSI-port on the Developer KIT SE? Waiting for your response and thanks in advance.

Hi mario.rahal, the Jetson TX1 SE devkit doesn’t come with the camera module itself.
The reference carrier board still has the mezzanine site available for it if you were to have one.
For the TX1 SE kit, you may want to try plugging in a USB webcam instead as it doesn’t come with the CSI module.

From documentation I understand that the module is part of the development kit “…Jetson Developer Kits include a Jetson module attached to a reference carrier board…”.

My question is if the module is an integral part of the carrier board or can it be detached from the carrier board? The footprint of the whole development kit/carrier board would be too big for my project but the “module-part” would fit fine.

So do I need to buy a new separate module for a project deployment situation?

Thanks in advance for any info.


The module detaches. There are in fact many third party carrier boards compatible with both the TX1 and TX2. This would require flashing a new BSP since the device tree and components surrounding the module would change.

If you get a set of Torx Security bits like these for example, you can easily remove the module and mount it on another carrier. Just be sure that the board is completely unplugged from AC power when doing so (this is the reason for those security bits, to prevent removal with unintended consequences that could potentially damage the module).