Jetson TX1 Carrier board for UAVs

Hi, we have a new NVIDIA Jetson TX1 carrier board dedicated for drones. It started as a part of tactical UAV project for Lithuanian Ministry of Defence, and now we are offering it to all drone manufacturers and users.

Our PIXEVIA CORE X1 module was created and dedicated for UAVs from day one. It features onboard 3D accelerometer, 3D gyro, 3D compass, barometer together with SD-card, 2x USB3, 2x USB2, 3x UART, HDMI, 8x GPIO, miniPCIe, CSI, I2C, CAN BUS, PWM.
All connectors are ruggedized, temperature range: -20 / +85 ‘C.

It also perfectly works with our AI image processing framework. For more information please visit our website -

Thanks PauliusV for sharing an UAV-centric carrier board design.

Also link from TX1 wiki:

What is unique of this card compared with AUVIDEA J10x and Leopard Imaging LI-TX1-CB?

J10X and LI-TX1-CB support multiple CSI cameras, how many CSI cameras are supported by this card?

Hi Yahoo2016,

our board as mentioned before is a product created for military purposes, so for that reason all connectors are grudged, to withstand heavy duty applications. Also our board features normal PCI connector to directly connect your selected PCI boards. Additionally our board features on-board IMU.

As for CSI cameras, we support 1.

When will this be available for purchase? I checked the site and I don’t see a link to buy.

Hi, malonsoj, you can buy it right now. Please write to me regarding the details -

Dear PauliusV,

We received the Pixevia board today.
We looked all over the place and we could not find a pinout diagram for the PIXEVIA. Without this we do not even know how to power the board.
Can you PLEASE urgently help us with this?