Jetson AGX Xavier Developer Kit — Now Shipping!

NVIDIA is now accepting orders for the Jetson AGX Xavier Developer Kit!

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The Jetson Xavier AGX Developer Kit is currently able to be ordered from the NVIDIA webstore in the following countries:

  • US, Canada, UK, France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Spain, and China

Additionally, pre-orders can be placed through distributors for:

  • Japan, Europe, Israel, and Turkey (other regions to follow soon)

The price of the devkit is $1,299 USD (prices may vary by region). To order the devkit, see here.

Ordered. A bit pricey though.

Will it finally come with proper documentation and source code for all the essential bits? Or is this going to be just a higher priced iteration of the K1, X1 and X2 black boxes, which even get EOLed before anybody could fully utilise the hardware?

To me as a developer it seems a bit of too much to ask for preorder before knowing the full terms. After the last few years spent with those three SoC products, we are losing interest in the product line - not because of the feature potential - but because of the poor support and inability to utilise the advertised portions. It will take a decade to have proper and clean mainline support - not the obvious hack that L4T is, not to mention that some parts are never meant to be open (ISP anyone?), which is sad to see in case of a platform designated for image processing.

When is it expected to be available for pre-orders in Sweden?

Like with TX1/TX2, we will be posting further documentation for Jetson Xavier soon, including the technical datasheet, design guides, ect. As with previous generations, we also will release the Technical Reference Manual (TRM) when it is ready, which developers can use alongside the BSP/kernel source code we provide to implement their own graphics drivers for example. Like with TX1/TX2, the TRM contains register information for the CSI / VI (ISP) units also, in addition to many other functional blocks of the SoC.

TK1 processors are guaranteed to be available through 2024 (see Jetson Product Lifecycle), and several Jetson Ecosystem Partners offer TK1 mini-modules and devkits like Toradex, e-con Systems, Colorado Engineering, SECO, and others.

Hi stenius, you can currently place pre-orders from Sweden with our EU distributor Silicon Highway.

Any idea on when we can order in Australia?


Hi berenw0l42, please contact our distributor in Australia, Xenon:

Thanks, although I assume that means that there isn’t a discount on the first kit for being in the developer program.


I am in Austria. Where can I pre-order from ? Also will there be an educational discount program like previously with the TX2 ? I would also like to know whether there is an option to trade in an unused TX2 (it was never working for us due to the fact that the EDID of the monitor was not recognized: Jetson TX2 not recognized installation inside docker error 8 Error: Return value 8 Command tegrarcm_v2 --chip 0x18 --rcm rcm_list_signed.xml --skipuid Reading board information failed. - Jetson TX2 - NVIDIA Developer Forums and TX2 not booting after successful flashing - Jetson TX2 - NVIDIA Developer Forums) ? We would really like to use the Xavier but given the experience we had with the TX2 we are a bit reluctant shelling out another 1300 Euros…



They should be able to, please be sure to ask them about it in your inquiry, the distributors are able to offer the Registered Developer pricing as well.

Hi Rupert, you can pre-order through Silicon Highway, they accept the Registered Developer program.

The Registered Developer program is the discount offered for the Jetson Xavier Developer Kit.

Did you use a native HDMI monitor, or try this suggestion at the end of the thread to upgrade to the latest JetPack-L4T?
Unfortunately we are unable to refund the purchase of the TX2 unless you have initiated an RMA on the hardware.

I’m trying to get the Developer Offer. I’m in Canada, and logged in to both and the forums. I am a registered developer. Whenever I try to move forward with the Developer Offer it throws me to a login page, and logging in there just gives me “ERROR - Something went wrong, please try again.”

I am able to get to a shopping cart with the dev kit added if I go to Buy Now instead of the Developer Offer button.

Just checked the Canada page to make sure the server wasn’t down, and I was able to get to the cart with the Developer Offer. Can you try incognito mode, clearing your browser cache, or worst case registering a new account for this purpose? Sorry for the trouble.

Same behavior in incognito mode in Chrome. Tried in FireFox and it worked.

I am in India. Where I can order from?

Hi shashikant.ghangare, looking into the status in India, have you tried contacting the distributor there yet Rashi Peripherals?

Dear Colleagues,

Any ETA for Jetson AGX Xavier Developer Kit Carrier Board ?

Thanks, Ivan

Hi Ivan, have you checked with Silicon Highway if they can ship to your region?


Is there anyway I can order this in South Africa yet? It looks amazing!

Best Regards