Announcing Jetson Xavier NX Developer Kit and partner products

We’re excited to introduce NVIDIA Jetson Xavier NX Developer Kit:

The developer kit includes a power-efficient, compact Jetson Xavier NX module for AI edge devices. It benefits from new cloud-native support, and accelerates the NVIDIA software stack in as little as 10 W with more than 10x the performance of its widely adopted predecessor Jetson TX2.

For intelligent machine OEMs, start-ups and AI application developers who want to create breakthrough products, the Jetson Xavier NX Developer Kit delivers the capability to develop and test power-efficient, small form factor solutions with accurate, multi-modal AI inference.

Additionally, we’re announcing 23 Jetson Xavier NX micro servers and carrier boards from 14 different partners. Check out this page for systems designed to help you to get to market fast and scale quickly.

The Jetson Xavier NX Developer Kit is available now. For more info and the latest benchmarks, read our technical blog.


I have been trying to buy the Jetson Xavier NX Dev kit for the UK but impossible to enter my postcode on the order form, it keep saying “Postal code is invalid”, although my code is a valid UK post code obviously. Is there a bug on the order page for the UK? Are orders for the devkit open for the UK?

I have the same interest, I’m from the Philippines and would like to buy one, I tried to order from Nvidia, Amazon and Arrow but all are not able to proceed. I hope someone could help.


Robi Gregorio

Yes, you may want to chat with a customer service agent for the webstore here, they should be able to help you with your ordering issue:

Alternatively, you could order through our distributor Silicon Highway for the UK:

Hi @robigregorio, from the Arrow website, I see that you can enter an address in the Philippines - is that the issue you are having? If you have you tried contacting them about, are they unable to ship there?

Hi Dusty,

I am able to order in Amazon but via a shipping cart service. It will deliver the item on a US address and ship it here.

We’re using the Jetson Nano for computer vision prototyping (tiny yolo object detection via deepstream). Its edge performance is impressive and hopefully we get to gain expertise in using deepstream sdk, and integrating to IOT devices and our database back-end in Azure. I hope that the references for this device (Xavier NX) will be as rich as what you have with Nano.

Thanks and kind regards.


Hi Prlawrence,
thank you for the info. I just saw this thread.
Hi Dusti, I am very interested in the device and will order one when available in a german shop.
Can I use the dusty-nv/jetson-inference or will you create a new one?
Thank you,
best regards,

The Xavier NX module is compatible on the Xavier NX devkit?

Hi @WiSi-Testpilot, yep, I have updated jetson-inference repo to support NX and JetPack 4.4 / TensorRT 7.1, so you are good to go. Thanks for your interest.

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Hi @efiryw2d, yes the Xavier NX module is compatible with the Xavier NX devkit.

Hi @dusty_nv, can I check what is the difference between the NX Developer Kit for different regions? From what I can tell from Arrow, there are 3 version: 945-83518-0000-000, 945-83518-0005-000 and 945-83518-0007-000. My suspicion is that the power supply provided are different to suit voltages and wall plugs in different countries but I would like to confirm that with you and check if there are any other additional differences.


You are correct. The only difference is included power cord(s) appropriate for region. You can see the regions listed per Part Number here: What are the Part Numbers for Jetson products?

@prlawrence Thanks for the speedy reply! Can I confirm that the only difference is the power cord and the AC/DC power brick is the same for every region(i.e they are able to handle up to 240V) ? Asking this as I am based in Singapore and most resellers now only ship the US version and based on past product releases, it takes months before the other region versions are available from the resellers. Am thinking of getting the US version and just using it with a basic wall adapter.

If you have this information (whether the only difference is just the power cord and the power brick is the same) for the AGX Developer Kit and the TX2 Developer Kit, please let me know as well! For the AGX Dev Kit, if you are able to let me know the IEC power cord header type ( , that will be great as well.


NX devkit power adapters work all regions. Only cords vary. However, you can find 945-83518-0005-000 various places since that SKU serves many regions. E.g., Si Hwy seems to have it in stock:

Thanks for the information. Unfortunately they do not ship to Singapore. Any idea what is the IEC power cord header type for the NX Dev Kit?

IEC 320 C5



Yes, but the Xavier devkit power input is 9-20. And module input is 5v, how those fits together?

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@efiryw2d, the Jetson Xavier NX Developer Kit carrier board internally regulates it’s 9-20V input down to 5V for the module.

is the jetson xavier nx developer kit able to be used in all of the same projects as the jetson nano developer kit? I want to make a jetbot with the xavior nx and was wondering if that was possible. I was also going to buy a case for it but could find none and was wondering if it just fits the same case as the nano. But my main question is still is the jetson xavier nx able to be used in the jetbot and all other nano projects. Please let me know