Xavier NX board with Nano Developer Kit board

Will I be able to use the upcoming Jetson Xavier NX board with the Jetson Nano Developer Kit Carrier Board?

Duplicated with https://devtalk.nvidia.com/default/topic/1066672/jetson-xavier-nx/xavier-nx-board-with-nano-developer-kit-board-/

Yes, it’s pin-compatible with the Nano form-factor.

Does this mean I can replace the board on the Dev Kit with the Xavier NX and it’ll just work?

It will work on an updated revision of the Nano devkit carrier board that will be shipping sometime in the future - for more info, see this post: https://devtalk.nvidia.com/default/topic/1061275/jetson-nano/jetson-nano-module-available-now/

Hi Dusty_NV
i am not sure what is the answer, would the NX work on the NANO dev board or not ?
and if not, what functions will work and what dont ?

thank you

The NX will work on an updated revision of the Nano developer that will be shipping in the future (see here). Like the commercial Nano module, it won’t work on the initial revision of the Nano devkit that has already been shipping to date.

Hi Dusty_nv,

Right now the board is actually selling arrow is compatible with Xavier NX? or what version of carrier board of jetson nano will be 100% compatible with Xavier NX? how to check what revision of jetson nano is acceptable to run Xavier NX module?

Thanks in advance.

Yes, the part number of the newer-revision Nano carrier board is: 945-13450-0000-100 (note the -100). It is compatible with Xavier NX module. Arrow still appears to be selling the older revision (945-13450-0000-000) too, so make sure you get the -100:


The NVIDIA webstore is only selling the -100 revision now.

Can you hear the smile? Now all I need is an RMA for a DOA -100 and the new -100 which is scheduled to arrive tomorrow and hopefully will not be DOA, others now reporting their -100 DOA.

I’d put a Xavier NX in my cart and pay for it but the ‘store’ won’t let me.

Hi Dusty_nv,

I checked the supply for jetson nano and xavier nx is different, will the nano board able to supply xavier nx?

thank you

SO NVIDIA will not release NX development kit, right?

Yes, you will be able to use the Xavier NX module on the B01-revision Jetson Nano Developer Kit (P/N 945-13450-0000-100)

We don’t have information to share about that at this time. The Xavier NX module will be able to be used from the B01-revision Jetson Nano Developer Kit (P/N 945-13450-0000-100)

With P3449_B01_OrCAD_schematics.pdf, (DA-09761-001_v0.5 Jetson Xavier NX and Jetson Nano Interface Comparison and Migration) DA-09761-001_v0.5.pdf, ( NVIDIA Jetson Xavier NX Design Guid)DG-09693-001_v0.91.pdf, Jetson_Xavier_NX_Module_Pinmux_Configuration_Template.xlsm

I have enough to start layout but it would be nice (meaning saving me time) to have a SODIMM part with the signal names for the B01 in a ‘usable’ format. I stopped using OrCAD years ago and the Allegro files, I’m sure there are some PCB packages that can import but mine can’t. I’ll be using the xlsm, column A Signal Name, B Pin # to build the part… There is a Vendor neutral application other vendors use: Ultra Librarian - NVIDIA could simplify the document system with it while providing value to your customers.

You mean like they did with the Nano, Dev Kit $100, Module $160 - So they might do a Dev Kit NX $100?
That would be a nice thing to kick off the NX product

What About SYS_RESET? In NX it is open colector and in NANO it has pull-up to 1.8V?
It will work with carrier board enable for 3.3V?

Hi Dustin,
Can i extend the memory from the devkit by USB flash mamory i.e Disk on Key

Hi @efiryw2d, do you mean SWAP memory or additional disk storage? Yes, you can do both. Although if you are putting swap on USB stick, it will be slow - it’s recommended to use a USB3->SATA adapter and attach it to SSD if you want to mount external SWAP.

Hi Dustin,

Thanks. I’m actually using the Xavier NX module on the Jetson nano devkit so I would like to use additional storage memory besides the 16GB flash.

So while using the USB3 to SATA I will not need to use this process right?



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Hi Efi, the system will still boot from eMMC, so you shouldn’t flash the external drive. You can mount your external drive as additional storage.