How Can One Purchase the Tegra X2 (or equivalent) Processor Used on the Jetson TX2?

I submitted a couple of inquiries through Nvidia and its sole N. American distributor but received no feedback. Thanks in advance!

You cannot buy the processor as a bare chip; you can only buy the module (the heat sink interface, small PCB) with the processor mounted on it.
The module mounts to whatever carrier board you want to design using a high-density Samson mezzanine connector.

Thank you very much for your reply, Snarky.

Can you or someone please provide me with the following:

• Part number for the Tegra X2 module (small PCB with heatsink interface)
• Spec for the Tegra X2 module
• Where to order Tegra X2 modules from
• Spec for the Samson mezzanine connector
• Where to order the Samson mezzanine connectors from

Hi dan.corvin,

For TX2 module spec, please find the Jetson TX2-TX2i Module Data Sheet from download center.
Regarding the order information, please check the “Buy” item from the top function.