I have short circuited the Jetson tx2 and am looking for replacement or repairability

reference number to merge of Nvidia support: 191202-000077

today i accidentally short circuited a Jetson tx2 by dropping a thermal camera in its metal casing onto the board. luckily having another tx2 the module was tested and it is still working. therefore i am asking if it is possible to only replace the motherboard and not the cpu and gpu.

The module itself is CPU and most everything other than power delivery and I/O (the “system on a chip”, SoC, has CPU, GPU, memory controller, so on, in a single chip). Normally one buys a development kit already with a carrier board. The carrier board is not available separately, but there are third party manufacturers of other carrier boards. Those other carrier boards would require an update to the device tree. To replace the carrier board from the dev kit you would need to buy a full dev kit.