Can you purchase just the Jetson Nano Carrier Board from Nvidia?

I blew out the usb ports on my current carrier board. The Nano module still works fine, powers on and boots up, just I can’t use the usb ports. Is there a way to purchase just a new carrier board, instead of buying a whole new development kit.

Hi @jsparkman, the NVIDIA carrier board from the Jetson Nano Developer Kit isn’t sold separately, sorry about that. There are carrier boards from the Jetson ecosystem that you can find here (although these tend to be for production use and not less expensive than the devkit):

Unless you have already tried the module on another carrier unit, it may be uncertain that the USB pins on the module remain unaffected.
If your devkit is still covered by warranty, you might consider RMA’ing it.

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Since the dev kit is cheaper than the module, there might be people online selling only the carrier board. You might find them on eBay or sites like that