Nano module on TX2 Carrier board?

My Jetson Nano A02 carrier board broke and I’ve been able to confirm the module itself is working on the replacement B01 development kit I bought. Unfortunately, it’s out of warranty and Nvidia don’t sell the carrier board alone. Third party carrier boards are as expensive as the currently inflated Nano dev kits!

I’ve been searching eBay etc for carrier boards and came across a TX2 development board at a good price. I’ve searched these forums to determine compatibility but the posts I’ve found have every other permutation except Nano module on TX2 carrier board.

So, should this work if I buy it?

Or, any other suggestions for finding a replacement carrier board?!

Thank you.

Here’s what I found earlier:

Nano Module on NX dev kit: – “should work”

Jetson Nano dev board compatibility with TX2 – “This is just not compatible. Even the DC input type is different.” (so I’m less optimistic about my request)

Booting Jetson TX2 on the Nano carrier board - Not turning on – “nothing happens.”

TX2 module on TX1 Development Kit carrier board? – “yes”

Jetson Nano B01 carrier board compatibility with TX2 NX module – “This not compatible”

Can i unplug the Jetson Tx2 module from the developer kit and plug to another carrier board? – “The module is interchangeable with many carrier boards.”

Can it work board from jetson TX1 developer kit with jetson tx2 module? – “The old carrier would not hurt a TX2, but might be missing some optional wiring.”

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Jetson nano is a product that is released in 2019. Any posts prior to this year is not suitable for your case.

Also, “tx2” and “tx2-nx” are different platform.

TX2 carrier board is not compatible with nano module.

If you are using a02 nano board, then only nano a02 board can work.

Thanks for the reply, you surely saved me time and hassle!

If you are using a02 nano board, then only nano a02 board can work.

This is not correct. The Jetson Nano module from the dev kit I bought that was the A02 carrier board definitely works on the B01 dev kit carrier board (it boots, certainly).

The particular carrier board mentioned above that I was hoping I could buy is this one on Facebook Marketplace: NVIDIA Jetson Tx2 ([hidden information]00000) Development KiT INCOMPLETE board only no cpu. (“hidden information” is where Facebook thinks it’s a phone number!)
That’s $40 + $9.25 shipping, and includes a power supply, so looks like a good deal if someone else can make use of it.

In the mean time, I managed to buy a full development kit for $100 on Mercari (having been outbid for a carrier board on eBay and seeing no more for sale anywhere). I’ve been watching Poshmark, Craigslist, eBay, Offer Up and Mercari and Facebook Marketplace. I expect there are lots of dev kits out there that were bought and never used so hopefully they’ll keep coming up for sale by people who are aiming to recoup what they spent rather than profit.

Good luck everyone who is looking!

It may boot, but some peripherals may not work.

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