Xavier nx dev kit?

I am asking if there’s a Xavier nx dev kit available?

As actually many of developers who bought the nano A02 totally have no ways to buy a B01 carrier board and by buying a extra B01 dev kit, they could use the Xavier nx but this brings a issue that who A02 would have an extra B01 module. Not only would this create waste to all who want Xavier nx support who bought A02 but also Nvidia can offer a Xavier nx so that the extra B01 modules can be saved to mount emmc storage for B01 module for production.

I hope that Nvidia can seriously consider offering a dev kit.

Thank you for your time.

Hi elmong0003,

The Jetson Nano A02 devkit can’t work with Xavier NX, no matter module or carrier board, only the Jetson Nano B01 version can be compatible with Xavier NX module.


Sorry, you don’t seem to understand the problem, developers who own A02 need to buy a brand new B01 only for Xavier nx support, this would create waste as the B01 nano module is not used. Would there be a Xavier nx Developer kit for those affected? to minimise waste.

One thing, I meant Xavier nx dev kit, such as Xavier nx module with a carrier board. Would that be offered?

Hi elmong0003,

We don’t have further information to share about that at this time.

Thank you for your fast reply and Sorry for any unclear inquirys.

Is there any information on the price and ports of the Xavier nx development kit?

Hi elmong0003,

I can’t disclose further information, and you can find those public Xavier NX documents from https://developer.nvidia.com/embedded/downloads#?tx=$product,jetson_xavier_nx

I understand as it is not officially released, thank you for your help.