Jetson Nano dev board compatibility with TX2

I saw in the datasheet of the TX2 that it is pin compatible with the jetson nano dev board. But when I plugged the TX2 into the dev board and power it up nothing happens. Nothing shows up on screen. I want to confirm that if both the jetson nano and tx2 are pin compatible that this means that the jetson nano dev board can be used for both SOMs. If they are, is there any common troubleshooting steps we could take?

Thank you.

Only TX2 NX can be PIN compatible with Nano, not TX2, and the performance will be downgraded due to power requirement if on Nano carrier board howerever there is no plan to support using Jetson TX2 NX with the Nano devkit carrier board. Sorry for previous false comment.

I note that the performance will be downgraded, and that the TX2 NX is the only one compatible with the jetson nano SOM, but I’m still wondering why the TX2 will not boot up on the jetson nano developer board at all.

This is just not compatible. Even the DC input type is different. What document says the the TX2 pin is compatible with nano devkit board?

TX2 is a product that is released like 4~5 years ago. But jetson nano design just came out in 2019 and it didn’t consider to support TX2.

I just double-checked and we were trying to plug the TX2 NX into the jetson nano dev board and it wasn’t working. There was a miss-communication there my apologies. Any general ideas why it might not work?

What version is your carrierboard?

We have one that ends in A02 and have had no success in plugging in a TX2 NX. I was wondering if the newer B01 would work.

I looked around on the back and on the side of the board there’s an “A2 94V-0 4720 …”. I don’t see another reference to A02 elsewhere.

We’re designing our own carrier board to be compatible with both, and I’m wondering then if I really need to double check the pinout of each SOM or if the issue with TX2 NX not working on the Nano dev board happens to be specific to how the engineers made that dev board.

I also see that number, but it is on the TX2 module. There should be a number on the middle of the back of the Nano dev board and should end with (A02 or B01). We are unsure if the TX2 NX is incompatible with the A02 (since that is what we have), or if we would have similar issues with the newer Nano dev board (B01).

It is also possible, as you said, that the Nano dev board just doesn’t work with TX2 NXs.

Just an FYI. Xavier NX and TX2 NX are pin compatible. Here is a post that says the Xavier NX will not work with the Nano dev board A02. The post goes on to say that the Nano dev board B01 is compatible with the Xavier NX, which “Should” make the TX2 NX compatible with the Nano dev board B01.

Maybe someone from Nvidia can just confirm this for us. @WayneWWW

Hi thanks for that detailed info!

I checked the number and it says “180-13449-DAAF-B01”. I think that’s what you mean. I plugged it in and it didn’t work on this one either. Not sure if that’s some sort of confirmation on your end that it wouldn’t work on the B01 either. We essentially get nothing. Power is on but there’s just a black screen and nothing happens. Not seing any indication that it’s even booting up.

Interesting! Have you tried plugging in a serial debug cable and looking at dmesg?

Our older board got to this point, but we didn’t see anything on screen. We kinda assumed it was due to the A02 being incompatible. We had hoped the B01 was compatible with the TX2 NX.

Here is a how to link for using the serial cable:

[    1.224613] tegradc 15210000.nvdisplay: dp: failed to exit panel power save m                       ode (0xfffffff2)
[    1.224617] hpd: edid read prepare failed
[    1.319658] imx219 9-0010: imx219_board_setup: error during i2c read probe (-                       121)
[    1.327266] imx219 9-0010: board setup failed
[    1.355304] imx219 10-0010: imx219_board_setup: error during i2c read probe (                       -121)
[    1.363133] imx219 10-0010: board setup failed
[    1.990346] cgroup: cgroup2: unknown option "nsdelegate"
[    2.907131] using random self ethernet address
[    2.911704] using random host ethernet address
[    3.326649] using random self ethernet address
[    3.332087] using random host ethernet address
[    7.803553] Please complete system configuration setup on desktop to proceed...

Besides the notes others have posted on revisions, also realize that if you are using the SD card model, then there is boot content stored in the QSPI memory. That content may also change depending on L4T software release version, and not just depending actual hardware revision. If you do intend to switch carriers, then expect you should need to flash and not just mount the module to the carrier (assuming it is an SD card model).

That’s interesting! I will try to do that and report back. I’m finishing up a project so I may only get to this on Monday, but I will. I will also double check the pinout and the layout design guide. I’m kind of curious to find the issue now and fix it lol.

Hey guys,
today i got the tx2 nx working perfectly with the nano 4gb devkit. I was using sdk manager and had no issues with the combination.

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@max63, thanks for the reply! Last night my coworker was also able to get the TX2 NX working with the b01 version of the Nano Dev kit.