Jetson Nano and Xavier SD card

Hi All,

I have recently received Jetson Nano and Xavier SD card modules (not the design kit).

I cannot see any SD card associate with them. Can you please confirm how si the SD card to be associated with these modules ?




Hi Siddharthm,

The picture you pasted are both eMMC modules, they do not have SD card slot on it.
You need to buy the carrier board to make them working, please find the suitable one from:

Thanks for the reply,

can you please elaborate on what do you mean that "buy the carrier board to make it working " ?

The entire system is Jetson module + carrier board.
The standalone module you bought is eMMC SKU for production purpose, there is no any SD card slot on it.
So do you have any carrier board on hand? If not, you need to buy one.
If yes, you need to check if any SD card slot on it.

One thought is that one of the least expensive routes would be to buy a full Jetson Nano development kit. The dev kit module would use SD card, but the eMMC Nano or NX modules could probably be used on that carrier board (you’d have to flash the right software…the SD card and eMMC software differs in places).

EDIT: You may want to post further questions in the correct forum. This is the 32-bit TK1 forum, which is now in maintenance only. The 64-bit NX and Nano each have their own forums.

thanks for the reply , I already have procured the SOM and also developed the carrier board without a SD card slot.

Is the in-built EMMC not sufficient? I hope external SD card is not mandatory ?

The development kit units with SD do not have internal storage…that content all goes to SD card.

The modules with eMMC do not need SD. Some people have larger projects, and end up mounting a second disk or SD, but for most people eMMC is plenty. Certainly if we are talking about basic projects you’d have plenty of eMMC, but if for example you develop directly on the Jetson you might be including not just the end program, but also source code and models; binaries might be large from debug symbols. Perhaps speed is an issue too, and eMMC is faster than SD, but eMMC is still slower than an SSD. You should check the specs on the particular module.