I'm new to Ubuntu and Jetson Nano. I want to enable sd card slot on my jetson nano and I can't understand the dts forum. Can someone help me?

I have a jetson nano with sd card slot and i can’t make it detect the inserted card. The OS is installed in emmc.


It sounds like you are totally a newbie. If so, please contact the board vendor to get their customized image for their custom carrierboard.

The software provided by NVIDIA does not enable any sdcard slot on carrier board. If your carrier board has sdcard, it must be added by board vendor.

i think i have a Jetson Xavier NX Core Board.


If you saw your carrier board has a sdcard slot on it, then it is definitely not a carrier board made by NVIDIA…

Please be aware that you are not the first person asking such question. I know your situation well…

I noticed that, you are also the one replying to the other forums I found. I am stuck with this situation. And I don’t know what to do.


As I previously said, you need to figure out who is the board vendor for the board you are using. Go check their website and they shall provide their method to enable sdcard slot on their board.

You are basically taking a hardware made by someone else I totally don’t know and ask me how to do.
Lacking of the hardware schematic of the carrier board made me also not able to help you either.

i think i said it wrong, it is not sd card slot, it is microSD card slot, sir. And I also don’t think it is a custom board. It is the B01 carrier board.


Please take a photo of your board with that sdcard slot.

The sdcard slot is micro SD or normal sdcard does not matter.

Just to clarify it again. If the sdcard slot is on the module, then you are using sdcard module, but not emmc module.

If the sdcard slot is on the “carrier board”, then it is 100% a custom board no matter what thing you saw on that carrier board.

NVIDIA only makes sdcard slot on the module and sell the module. Sdcard module won’t have emmc on it.
And emmc module won’t have sdcard slot on it.

So, check what is the exact thing you are using.

I understand it now. I have emmc only and the sd card is on the carrier board. Can I ask how can I reset my jetson?

What kind of “reset” do you want? Do you want to power on/off it or you want to reflash it?

reflash it, sir

please download sdkmanager to another x86 ubuntu 18.04 host.

And put your jeston into recovery mode and flash by the sdkmanager.

Again, sdkmanager only supports nv devkit. As nv devkit does not have sdcard slot on carrier board, any sdcard slot on your carrier board won’t work. Also, there could be other I/O which customized by the vendor may not work after flash with sdkmanager.

can i use virtual machine?

No, I would suggest native PC because virtual machine sometimes have usb problem when flashing.

How can i configure kernel files, sir?

Depends on what kind of kernel files you want to modify. Multiple kinds of files there.

the device tree one

please download the source code from the website

And follow the document here to build the device tree.


after I re-flashed my jetson, I can do this, is that right?