Jetson nano modules and development boards how they're bundled and interchangeability

Hey guys, Nobody has been able to clear this up for me. Please help me understand. I’m looking to get the new jetson nano development board that has usb-c but I need the module that has 16 gb flash and 4gb ram. Are they sold separately? If not is the only solution to buy the 2gb development board then buy the upgraded module? leaving me with a bunch of nano 2gb modules I have no use for? I’m not even sure they’re interchangeable but they seem to have the same pinout.

The development kit without eMMC is the only way to get the development kit carrier board. This carrier always comes with an SD-card-only module.

The dev kit carrier board is never sold separately.

The eMMC versions are always sold separately and will require obtaining a carrier board.

Dev kits with a release version of a02 are early releases. The b01 release modules do not work with an a02 carrier board, but so far as I know, the only dev kits sold these days will all be b01. Both eMMC and SD card model of modules which are for b01 work on the same carrier board. Unless you purchased a dev kit early on anything you’ve purchased will be b01. Third party carrier boards will all be b01.

If you plug in a b01 module to an a02 carrier, then there won’t be any damage, but boot will fail. I’m not sure of all of the differences, but it is guaranteed that any default device tree will fail with a b01 module on an a02 carrier. Can it be made to work? I don’t know, but if it can, then the effort to do so will be high.

Do know that the dev kit carrier board does not have a transferrable warranty, nor does the dev kit module (in case of sales). Only the separately sold non-dev kit module can be resold and carry over the warranty. It would actually be inexpensive (relatively) for your own use to buy several of the least expensive Nano 2GB dev kits, and separately purchase the eMMC modules, and transplant them. However, if you are selling these, then you should go with one of the third party carrier boards and just skip the dev kit purchases.

Also, I believe separately sold modules do not arrive with a heat sink or fan.

Just a side thought, but if you do have at least one spare dev kit module and carrier board, they are often useful for a test if something is failing (such as knowing if a failed flash is due to the carrier board versus module by swapping out).

thank you for clearing this up for me. Follow up question does

Does Nvidia work with or can provide any recommendations of any trusted manufacturers for series b01 carrier boards for Jetson nano that would allow third parties like myself to design a custom board around the nano?

Hi @hossboss7, you can see the list of Jetson Ecosystem hardware partners here:

They have both off-the-shelf deployable carriers/enclosures available for the Nano, in addition to custom design services.


Thank you for the prompt response, very helpful, exactly what I need. Thanks.

Hey Hossboss7 - there are field-ready carrier boards for the Jetson Nano that allow for you to integrate SD card or NVMe to extend the 16GB eMMC storage on Nano. If you’re interested, you can check them out here:

If you have any questions on how to transition from the developers kit to a production module with carrier board, just let me know!

Hey Spencer,

I checked out the link. This board is compatible with the below Nano?

Jetson TX1 Module (4gb ram, 16gb on board flash storage)

We need a board that has the following

that has 1x hdmi, 1x usb-c (for power), 2x usb (or micro or usb-c whatever is cheaper), 1x ethernet, wifi (preferably built in on board but nic works as well) and 1x camera module. We were trying to get as close to these specs as possible to keep our costs low.

I looked at your suggested option and I think it might work. I’ve got to run it past a few people but could be a viable option for our MVP rather than creating our own board.

Appreciate the suggestion!!