Nano B01 16GB eMMC compatibility with Nano SDK carrier board

Hello all,

First post here and apologies if this is redundant. I have searched and found several threads discussing the differences between the16GB eMMC SOM nano and the developer kit version of the module, and I understand that the 16GB SOM eMMC is meant for production design and workloads, whereas the development version is at the hobbyist level. But, I haven’t been able to discern if the 16GB eMMC B01 can be used with the SDK carrier board in place of the development kit version? I have a few of the SOM B01s that came to me recently, and I am just curious if I can use them with the SDK board once I have flashed them with Ubuntu. Thanks!

Yes, the Jetson Nano eMMC module is compatible with devkit carrier board, both need to be B01 version.

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