Any Decent Jetson Nano Carrier Boards?

So we’re definitely going to be using the Nano in a project where it will be acting as a tiny graphics rendering PC. The carrier board for the development Nano is perfect for our application (4 USB ports, tiny footprint, DisplayPort AND HDMI, ethernet, everything we need is broken out), but I understand it isn’t intended to be used in final product deployment. My question is… Does NVIDIA not sell a production version of their carrier board? I find it bizarre that they don’t have a properly tested/certified version available for resale. All the carrier cards I DO see from other manufacturers break the ports out differently (fewer ports, mini versions of display outs that we don’t want because they don’t lock, etc.) and aren’t available from any standard provider like DigiKey. Has anyone else run into this? Is there a solution out there from NVIDIA that just isn’t advertised? (Besides taking gerbers to a company and having boards custom made… I can’t imagine this would be better than the board paired with the developer kit).

Do you already know the Jetson Partner products page? There are more than 20 carrier board solutions for Jetson Nano listed…

Yes, I’ve combed through there… The carriers are all strange variations. Missing the full size DisplayPort, most are missing USB ports… I’m looking for a clone of the standard B01, essentially. I know they can be made turnkey by PCB companies, but I was really hoping a reputable company like NVIDIA would just make runs of the B01 with proper testing and just sell those. I think there are a lot of users who would like the application of this board in it’s “PC” form used in final products.