Jetson TX2 Chip Availability - not module

Does NVIDIA have any plans of ever selling the Tegra X2 Processor to vendors in chip form? I have a project where the tegra x2 is perfect in every respect except for size. I would like to make a custom board based on the Tegra X2 processor but from what I understand NVIDIA does not sell it as a chip. Is this ever going to change?

Why does NVIDIA sell the TK1 as a chip but not the TX1 or TX2? In general the modules are trending to larger sizes TK1 < TX2 < Xavier. Does NVIDIA have any plans to reduce the size of the Jetson modules in the future?

Hi eeferrufino, there are no plans to make the TX2 chip available. TK1 is the only Tegra chip available (through January 2024).

There aren’t currently plans to make the module smaller. Between the SoC, memory, eMMC, and power circuitry/PMIC, it’s already optimized for size.