Board dimensions of Jetson module with Xavier SoC


We are designing hardware for our product to integrate Jetson TX2 module. While Jetson TX1 and TX2 have maintained the same dimensions and connector configuration, will this continue for the Jetson module with Xavier?

Access to increased processing horse-power (from what I could gather: 8 Denver cores and 512 Volta CUDA cores) coupled with PCIe Gen 3.0 x8 interface make the Jetson module with Xavier SoC very attractive for use in our product. While we can design our hardware to the higher wattage requirements (30W) of the Jetson with Xavier, we would like to understand if there are other considerations to factor into our HW design so that the transition to the new Jetson board can happen later with no or minimal disruption.

Thanks !

I have no accurate info about Jetson w/ Xavier till now, even though it could be same, all can be confirmed only after announcement, and so is hardware design.

May i know when this information will be available? i.e. when the announcement of Jetson with Xavier SoC is due?


Hi Nvidia,

It’s been over an year since the announcement of the Nvidia Xavier chip with the 512 core Volta GPU. But there is still no word out about the release of a Jetson development kit for this soc. This makes me wonder, will there be one?

If there will be one, when can we expect an announcement or launch date.?

Thank you.

We can neither confirm nor disconfirm.
As per official NVIDIA policy, we cannot comment publicly on details about Xavier until the time of official release.

Hi dusty_nv,

is the Xavier official released? Is there an update if there will be a Jetson development kit with Xavier SoC?

Thank you.

Hi zero0d, there hasn’t been a release, no update at this time. Most recently we launched Jetson TX2i for industrial environments.