Tegra X2 Availability

I am trying to pursue potential procurement of high volume Tegra X2 processors (>250,000) in order to incorporate a similar design based on the Jetson TX2. However, I have not received any responses after submitting a detailed inquiry from the contact form with “Tegra Hardware Sales Inquiry” as the category.

Could you please put me in contact with the appropriate individual to discuss Tegra X2 Processor sales.


Hi johnq, the Tegra X2 chip itself isn’t generally available, please use the Jetson TX2 OEM module for production.

Are you indicating that there is not an option to pursue designing with the Tegra X1 or Tegra X2 even if we would like to purchase in high volume (>250,000). Thanks.

That’s correct - please use the Jetson TX1/TX2 module. Designing with the chip would require substantial levels of dedicated support, sorry about that.

In the exceedingly rare case that your module sales would warrant the business case for it, you would probably already be on NVIDIA’s radar from that.