Samtec 400pin board to board connector

Hi. I saw the site described about Samtec connector.

carrier board : Samtec REF-186138-01 connector,part
part number : SEAM-50-xx.x-S-08-2-A-K-TR , where xx.x goes from 02.0 up to 11.0.
module : Samtec REF-186137-03 connector
part number : SEAF-50-05.0-S-08-2-A-K-TR
is it right?

and i also want to know device name or part which is used for board-board distance extension.
Like this.
So I’ll measure signals.

Thank you for reading.

Yes, your info about BTB connectors is correct.

No related info about this kind of FPC, you might need to check with Samtec for that.