Jetson TX2 developer kit fan header


I am working on demonstrating immersion cooling with the Jetson TX2, but I need to add a cable to control the fans outside of my enclosure. I made a cable with a molex female 4 position 1.25mm connector (link to specific connector at bottom), but I think it broke the plastic from around the fan header on the board. Is there a specific female connector to connect to the board? I need to have this project up and running in about a week, so any information is much appreciated!

Hi, the connector on board is ACES, 50275-00471-003, the mate housing p/n is ACES, 50276-004H0H0-001.

Thank you for this information. I can not seem to find a supplier of these connectors. Do you know where they can be bought at?

No such channel, maybe you need to check with vendor directly.

Anything remotely similar being available on DigiKey or elsewhere?

Do you have the pin pitch and pin diameter spec of a PCB connector the fan will be able to latch onto?


Hi Borge,

I went with the Molex 4 Position Rectangular Housing Connector Receptacle Natural 0.049" (1.25mm) p/n: 0510210400. It worked great. Here is the Digikey link.