Multiple camera solution with long cable


I am working on TX2 for automotive application with multiple cameras.

I plan to use the following solutions on TX2.

However, the problem is that I need long enough (at least 2~5 meters) cables between cameras and the board to install the cameras outside of the vehicle and TX2 board inside the vehicle to process the images.

Can anyone recommend possible cable solution to extend MIPI CSI2 cable?
It would be also very helpful to know what companyes I can talk to fabricate/customize the cable or repeater etc.

Thank you in advance

I have not used it, but this may be of interest for your case:

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The Jetson is not automotive qualified. If you are building a one-off for experimentation, and are willing to take on the maintenance and risk that comes from using it in that environment, that’s fine. If you’re trying to build something that would actually go into a real car used by real human beings, you should probably be looking at the Drive PX line of devices instead.


The easiest way to get a long wire camera is to use an Ethernet IP camera.

The second easiest way is to use a USB camera with a high-quality long cable, and preferrably a high-quality, powered hub driving it.

The third way to get long cable runs is to use GMSL. I believe someone has a solution with lots of cameras over GMSL for the NVIDIA Drive platform, but I don’t know of anyone with a driver for the Jetson.

The fourth way to get a long cable run is to wing it manually. Assuming your resolution and frame rate is “reasonable,” then you can build a longer cable yourself, or just use a really long flat flex cable.
“pi-cables” is run by a guy in Britain who makes longer cables for the Raspberry Pi camera connector; some of the Jetson camera interface boards (e g Auvidea) use that connector and thus you may have some success with those cables:
(He also does custom orders of custom lengths)

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Hi Snarky

Thank you for your detail suggestions.

Do you know how to purchase Drive PX2 with camera solution? I am not sure if non-car-maker people can purchase the PX solution.

I am also thinking GMSL would be possible solution.

The solution below would be a good candidate.


Unfortunately, I do not.
Maybe some of the NVIDIA folks on this forum can chime in?

Hi joojoopaek,

Please file issue to


The e-CAM30_HEXCUTX1 - Six 3.4 MP from e-con systems is the last release of the kind. Further upgrades are made to increase the length of the cable used in the device.

For further enquires contact


Thank you for your reply.

What do you mean by the further upgrade? Do you mean the solution support GMSL?
I need 5~10m long cables to install the cameras on a vehicle.

I will send an email to


e-con Systems has launched Six 3.4 MP Camera for NVIDIA Jetson TX1/TX2.


Thank you for your reply. I am really interested in the solution.
However, I actually need a solution that can support 5~10m long cables and I can install the cameras on a vehicle and the TX2 in car truck or so for test.
What is maximum cable length between camera module and the board?
Do you plan to support longer length (5~10m) for the camera solution?

Thank you

If you need cables that long you might consider ethernet based cameras.

Hi linuxdev,

Thank you for your reply,

I’ve tested an ethernet-based ip camera but the latency was too big… > 500ms
Could you suggest ethernet-based multiple camera solutions for tx1/2?


I have no recommendation. However, it is known that network performance is altered by any power saving mode. Before testing ethernet latency make sure you are in performance mode. You should find “” in the home directory of both ~nvidia and ~ubuntu:

sudo ~/

Under an earlier L4T release the TX1 had some additional performance notes for ethernet, but I’m not sure if this has any application under a TX2:

The gist of this is that ethernet latency can have some drastic improvement over default performance settings by forcing max performance mode.

EDIT: You might also check out “nvpmodel”. Run “nvpmodel --help”.

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For such 5-10 m cable support. We need to go for some SER-DES method. The GMSL based camera would be a perfect fit.

For more information, please contact