Implement pi camera on tx2

After looking for a cable to be able to manipulate the camera that comes with the dev kit separately from the board itself and finding no options, I am attempting to find a way to use the pi camera on the TX2.

I know there is the J20 but I have not seen an example of it working on the TX2 and for the price I can’t afford to try it and see.
Are there any options similar to the J20 with a good amount of information backing them to ensure I could get it working? Alternatively a cable option so that I can still use the low latency CSI cameras?

Thanks in advance for any advice or help

hello mattfraleycs,

suppose this is J20 you’re talking about.

  1. you could check sensor drivers by download L4T Sources from Jetson Download Center
    found the supported sensor drivers at: /public_release/kernel_src/kernel/kernel-4.4/drivers/media/i2c/
  2. or, you could contact Jetson Preferred Partners for camera solution supports.