Make Raspberry Pi cameras work with either J106 or J20 board on the TX2 ?

Has anyone been able to successfully make the Raspberry Pi camera work on the J106 carrier board or J20 camera module Using the TX2. I want to connect 6 raspberry pi cameras to the TX2 and for that reason i was looking to buy the J106 carrier board but Auvidea said that the J106 Board is partially compatible with the TX@ and that the 6 CSI connectors doesnt work for the TX2.
Can anyone provide me with information about how to successfully connect and work with 6 raspberry pi cameras Using the TX2? Is there any other carrier board or camera module available that can make this possible or can i somehow make the J20 or J106 work with RPi cameras on TX2.
I apologize for these naive questions as i am a newbie to this Jetson community. I have also spent hours searching on this forum and have found many threads related to my problem but they talk about making custom drivers and other stuff that goes over my head.
Thank You for your patience.